Web Of Life

I watched a spider spin
its web... With Pa-
tience and with care...
To build its slight and
slender bridge...
Across the silent air...
It never wandered from
its course... Or strayed
beyond its task ...
While every strand was
perfect and ... Without
the smallest mask ...
And as I watched I
thought of life... And
how we strive to spin...
The web that is the golden
goal ... Of what we
want to win... How
easily we tire and ...
How often we relax ...
Whenever we must work
our brains... Or bend
our brittle backs ...
How frequently we look
around ... For comfort
and for cheer ... To
give us greater courage
and ... To help us perse-

James J. Metcalfe

This poem is one a James J.Metcalfe fan sent to me. It was clipped from a 1950 newspaper,by James J. Metcalfe

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