Poems worth waiting for

By James J. Metcalfe

We call it Memorial Day because we commemorate our soldier
dead. We call it Decoration Day because we decorate their graves
with flags and flowers, and because our brave departed deserve more
than all the decorations we could give. Although a holiday, it is no
time for celebration. It is the occasion to bow our heads and pray

Our Soldier Dead

God rest the dead, our soldier dead... Who died for you and
me ... And bless them for their faith and love... And for their
bravery ... The ones who gave their all for us ... Upon the
battlefield ... Because they had convictions and ... Because they
would not yield ... They were the wall of our defense ... They
held the crucial front ...Whatever battle they were in ... They
always bore the brunt ... They are the heros in the hall ... Of
everlasting fame ... Where no one in the realm of God ... Has
any greater claim ... For they laid down their lives for us ...
And who can offer more ... To serve his God and fellow man
... On any sea or shore?

James J. Metcalfe


This poem is from the book Daily Poem Portraits page 84

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