Never To Leave You

The hours and the days and
weeks... That you have been
my own... Have made it quite
impossible... For me to feel
alone... I mean the many times
that I ... Have had to travel
far... And every night I had
to wish...Upon a distant star
... I never feel alone because
... Wherever I may be...
In all my thoughts and dreams of
you... I hold you close to me
...I do not feel alone, although
... I miss you desperately...
Because I have your promise dear
... That you are true to me.
... But, oh, I hope the day is
soon...When I shall leave you
never... And I shall be with
you, my love... Forever and forever.

James J. Metcalfe

This poem was not found in the books I have by JJM, but was in newspapers across the country in the 1950s.
Poem was cut from newpaper in the 50s by J.W.(Bill)Adair for his wife, Faith.
His wife keeps this poem close to her heart.
Bill was called to his Heavenly Home in 2006 so this poem is especially meaningful to her.
This is forever Love!
Thanks to their daughter, Theresa for sharing this poem.

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