Never Ending Love

The hills may fade, the stars may fall...
And we may be apart...But my impassioned
love for you... Will never leave my heart...
My love for you is stronger than... The wildest
wind or rain...And it will live when life itself...
Appears to be in vain...Above the roar of chaos
And... Against the raging sea...And after all the
sands of time... Have joined eternity..My love is
more enduring than... The ever faithful friend...
And far beyond the fondest hopes ...That touch
The rainbow's end... And though the universe
may burn... And melt away the sky... my love
for you will be the same... And it will never die.

James J. Metcalfe

This poem was sent to me from MaryEllen who said
that it was handwritten in her Aunt's belongings.Her Aunt is
suffering from alzheimers.The poem did not have a title so I named it
what I thought the poet might call it. I will continue to search
in hopes I can find the name

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