For Sharon's Mom and Dad
and you too if this poem has special meaning



My Offering

This day is just a particle... Of all I offer you... To fill your
heart with happiness... And make your dreams come true... I
dedicate each day and night... Of every year to be... To lov-
ing you and giving you... The best there is in me... I promise
you a rainbow bright... For every drop of rain... And your
abiding faith in me... Will never be in vain... Your every wish
or fancy is... My deep desire now... And every word you
whisper is ... My everlasting vow... I offer you my very self
... for what I may be worth... To honor you and multiply
...Your happiness on earth.

James J. Metcalfe



From the book Poem Portraits of Inspiration, page 131
by James J. Metcalfe

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This poem is a especially for Sharon, who signed my guestbook
but didn't leave an email. I hope she comes back
and finds this poem. It's a poem her Mother gave
her Father so many years ago and now her mother is
suffering from advanced Alzheimers. They
recently had their 60th anniversary.
May God bless you and give you peace. You have shared
many good years with rainbows together.
You will be together again someday
with no tears or sickness.